Drop us a line at with any questions!

Drop us a line at with any questions!

Script Chix is a script coverage company with a range of services for screenwriters of all levels – whether it’s your first or fifteenth script, we’re here to help!

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Clients include TV show creators and writers for networks including ABC Family, FX, Fox, Lifetime, Hulu, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Amazon Studios, and more. In film, our clients have sold and optioned scripts to numerous independent companies and bigger names like 20th Century Fox and Dimension.

Our services, outlined below, are focused on helping you take your script to the next level. With that goal in mind, we will query manager and agent contacts on your behalf with the logline of any script that gets an “Excellent” rating from us under every category in our coverage template.  Please note: a query does not guarantee representation, but it does guarantee your logline will be read by industry professionals. We are happy to clarify this process – and any other questions you may have – at the below email.

In order to ensure that your script is processed correctly, please download and submit the following 2 forms to:
Script Chix Submission Form
Script Chix Client Questionnaire
Once we have received the forms, we will notify you to submit your script and process payment below via PayPal.


Service includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting only.  Content will not be analyzed.

 1/2 Hour Comedy Scripts (up to 35 pages) – $70
 1 Hour Drama/ Dramedy
 (up to 70 pages) – $90
 (up to 135 pages) – $120

Any additional pages at an additional $1.00 per page. Please note, these page lengths are already above standard Hollywood expectations of 1 minute = 1 page of screentime.

Script Analysis

Service includes analysis of characters, plot, POV, visuals, etc.  Basic proofreading. All packages below include written notes.  Skype and phone sessions are optional.

1/2 Hour Comedy (up to 40 pages) – $165
With optional 30 min call
– $190

1 Hour Drama or Dramedy (up to 70 pages) – $205
With optional 1 hour call
– $245

Feature (up to 175 pages) – $280
With optional 1 hour call
– $330

2nd Pass Script Analysis

If Script Chix has already worked with you on a script, and you would like a follow up read, please subtract $45 from the prices above.
Service includes a 2nd read and written notes. Follow up Skype session is optional at the rates listed above.

Brainstorm Session
1 Hour Skype session or phone call to work through any script issues.  Completed script not necessary.

– $65 per hour call

Script Schedule Breakdown

Service includes One-Liner, Day Out of Days, and Breakdown.

Feature – $275
With optional 30 min. phone call
– $300

Please contact us for TV project schedule quotes.

Basic Budget

Service includes one page of budget basics: Budget allotments for each department and ballpark of overall budget.

Feature – $275
With optional 30 min. phone call
– $300

Please contact us for TV project budget quotes.

Schedule and Budget

Service includes all of the above for scheduling and budget.

Feature – $525
With optional call up to 1 hour
– $575

Please contact us for TV project quotes.

The Complete Package

Service includes Analysis, Schedule, and Budget.  These include all of the above documents and an hour long call to discuss everything.

1/2 Hr. Comedy – $500
1 Hr. Drama/ Dramedy
– $650
– 750


Please Contact Us for more information.

(2nd Pass Analysis Not Included)