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After poring over hundreds of entries, judges were able to narrow down the top 8 scripts in both Drama and Comedy categories, which included a diverse range of nearly 500 entrants from around the world.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners Vanessa King (Drama) and SB Edwards (Comedy)! 

Grand Prize Winner in Drama - Vanessa King

Grand Prize Winner in Drama – Vanessa King

Vanessa King has written several screenplays that have been recognized in prestigious screenwriting competitions including the Nicholl Fellowship (Quarterfinalist, top 5%, 2011), Final Draft’s Big Break (Top 35, top 1%, 2011), and the Industry Insider Television Writing Contest (Semi-Finalist, top 50, 2013). She wrote and produced a short off-off Broadway play that won “Audience Favorite” in an NYC short play festival (2012) while another piece earned her a “Young Playwright Distinction” as a part of the Capitol Theatre (Canada).

Vanessa is a senior instructor and teaches both Writing for TV and Screenwriting, as a part of the New York-based, not-for-profit screenwriting workshop, the NYC Screenwriters Collective.  Besides contributing to QuarterLife Conversations (a blog to surviving your 20s), she is a contributor to HelloGiggles.com (Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi & Molly McAller’s female-centric blog) and she has performed numerous times at Upright Citizen’s Brigade-East as an “invited storyteller” as a part of shows featuring HelloGiggles contributors. Her tweets (@manhattancanuck) are regularly chosen as “Tweets of the Week” by The Huffington Post.

Originally from Canada, she resides in NYC.

Excited to have been picked for the Pilot Launch Grand Prize, King said “I’m absolutely thrilled to have been recognized by the judges. Sandra, Miranda, Script Chix and Screen Craft have presented me with an incredible opportunity and I’m eager to meet with everyone in Los Angeles.”

Grand Prize Winner in Comedy - SB Edwards

Grand Prize Winner in Comedy – SB Edwards

SB (short for Sara Beth)’s half-Hour Comedy CANNONBALL is the grand-prize winner of the 2013 Pilot Launch Competition in the comedy category. The script for her 1-Hour Drama THREEWAY took 1st place in the 2012 Yosemite Film Festival Teleplay Competition and CREEP, a short thriller SB directed, screened in the Cannes Short Film Corner 2010. SB is in pre-production on the short drama SALTY, funded by the National Film Board (NFB). Her feature, ‘The Waitress’ also won the 2009/2010 Praxis Screenwriting Competition. SB participated in the 2012 WGC Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program and is a 2011 recipient of the CTV National Fellowship. Most recently she was selected for the RIFF Transatlantic Talent Lab in Reykjavik.

With a background in the Fine Arts, SB has spent the last decade working in the Art Department on various American films and television series. She can often be found taking photographs, watching DVD marathons, ripping pictures out of magazines, and listening to The XX and The Gaslight Anthem.

In relation to her experience with Pilot Launch, Edwards had this to say: “Script Chix and Screen Craft have created a bundle of unique opportunities with this awesome competition. As a grand-prize winner I get to meet with top-tier industry players who have actually read my pilot script, hit ‘The Simpsons’ ride on the Universal Studios lot and take a stroll through a Kwik-E-Mart!”

Additional congratulations go out to our runners-up Jeffrey Pfeiffer, who recently signed with manager Lee Stobby at Caliber Media, and Ashley Charbonnet, who recently had her pilot MAHOGANY HALL optioned by Under the Stairs Entertainment.

Grand prize winners in the Pilot Launch competition will receive airfare to Los Angeles, a 2-night stay in the historic Culver Hotel in downtown Culver City, meetings with agents, managers, and television executives, and a day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The contest is produced by screenwriting consultancies ScreenCraft and Script Chix.

ScreenCraft.org is a website and company dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers master their craft through educational and inspirational content and services.   ”I’m thrilled that our first annual Pilot Launch contest has been so well-received.” said John Rhodes, ScreenCraft’s co-founder. “It’s incredibly gratifying to help emerging screenwriters get industry representation and recognition of their talent.”

Script Chix is a screenwriting consultant company, providing script and novel coverage, budgeting, and scheduling to writers around the world. Script Chix also aims to create a welcoming networking space by hosting regular monthly events to connect writers with industry executives. One of the company’s tenets includes working closely with women and minority writers to help improve their position in Hollywood. “We’re thrilled to see that our finalists were a 50/50 split between men and women,” said company founder Sandra Leviton. “We received many incredible scripts, and it was hard for our judges to narrow it down. We truly believe in these incredible writers and their projects, and are excited to introduce them around town!”

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Pilot Launch 2013 Contest.




GRAND PRIZE: Deliver US by Vanessa King

1st PRIZE: Connexion by Scott Wascha

2nd PRIZE: Side by Side by Lily Blau


ADDITIONAL RUNNERS-UP (in alphabetical order by last name):

Stolen by Nancy Chan

Mahogany Hall by Ashley Charbonnet

Leviathan by Jeffrey Pfeiffer

Czars of Detroit by Arthur Rains-McNally & Guy Steele

Peril by Scott Wascha



GRAND PRIZE: Cannonball – SB Edwards

1st PRIZE: Black Sheep – Josh Sorokach

2nd PRIZE: My Three Boyfriends – Katie Mathewson


ADDITIONAL RUNNERS-UP (in alphabetical order by last name):

Proud Mary – Mary Conroy

Uniformed Grace – David Minaskanian

Wonder World – Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell

Full-Time Dad – Scott Reynolds

MILFS – Carrie Stet



Without further ado, here are the semi-finalists for the Pilot Launch competition (in alphabetical order, by author’s name):


Side by Side by Lily Blau
Hot Geek by Daniel Calvisi
Stolen by Nancy Chan
Mahogany Hall by Ashley Charbonnet
Jumpers by Kathleen Cromie
Static by Keith Davidson
Cold Hard Candy by Nick Dykal
Final Freedom by Nevena Fairclough
The Erikson Project by Kevin Harvilla
D-I by Kimba Henderson
Deliver US by Vanessa King
Cape Spirit by Angela LeRoy
The Spectrum by Jonathan Light
ESQ by Jennifer Lotz
The Gifted by Ubah Mohamed
Leviathan by Jeffrey Pfeiffer
Czar of Detroit by Arthur Rains-McNally
Revelations by Victoria Rau
One Hill by Richmond Riedel
Ordnung by Aaron Rollins
Credible Witness by Anne Sagel
Nightwatcher by Scott Shoemaker
Nexus by Christopher Sloan
Connexion by Scott Wascha
Peril by Scott Wascha


Heroines for Hire by Paul Benson
Everything Is Better in Buttonwillow by Lily Blau
The Julie Maloney Curse by Alex Brodsky
Retail Jail by Jamie Bryan
Proud Mary by Mary Conroy
Dixie Land by Dwayne Conyers
Cannonball by SB Edwards
Out of Her League by Micah Goldman & Griff Kohout
West Dakota by Chris Goss
A Lying Shame by Sundae Jahant-Osborne
Castle of Wonders by Matt Manser
Vig by Bisanne Masoud
My Three Boyfriends by Katie Mathewson
Uniformed Grace by David Minaskanian
Pasted by Erin Mitchell
Upstaged by Michael Naylor & Lisa DeAngelis
Justine’s Got It Covered by Stephanie Norton
Deliberations by Amanda Parham
Wonder World by Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell
Born Crazy by Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell
Full-Time Dad by Scott Reynolds
Black Sheep by Josh Sorokach
MILFS by Carrie Stet
Living History by Andrew Thompson
BFF and a Baby by Annie Wood